VP Leni Strikes Anew After PR Nightmare, Sharing Ideas on Debate

The second highest-ranking government official of the country, Vice President Leni Robredo strikes anew after her controversial PR nightmare she created during the infamous Kasambahay zoom meeting, this time around the topic is about political debate. 

Due to the recent controversies involving the Vice President, critics of the VP thought that they were expecting for VP Leni to lie low and let the online booing and jeering die a natural death but the Vice President could not control her emotions as she strikes anew. 

VP Leni just made another blooper that went viral on social media, considered by many critics as a follow up for her previous statement. 

The Vice President was quoted as saying "Dapat talaga face to face and debate. Kasi mahirap kung social media... MAHIRAP KUNG YUNG DEBATE NAGSASAGUTAN LANG."

VP Leni Robredo made some headlines earlier regarding her views with the rampant vote buying in the Philippines but instead of condemning the alleged vote buying, VP Leni for her part allegedly encouraged votes to get the money but they should vote based on conscience.

Read the Complete Statement of TPL3:

Just when we're expecting that MaDumb would lie low for a while, at least, because of the PR nightmare she herself created during her Kasambahay zoom meeting, she almost immediately follows up her previous fuck up with THIS gem of a mental fart,

“Dapat talaga face to face ang debate. Kasi mahirap kung social media..MAHIRAP KUNG YUNG DEBATE NAGSASAGUTAN LANG.”

Aaaaaah. Ummmm. Meron bang debate na hindi nagsasagutan? Hmmmm.

Aside from the statement posted on social media by the critics of the Vice President, an avid supporter of Pres. Rody DUterte, Andrew Olivar posted a controversial video showing the statement of VP Leni Robredo. 

The video posted by Olivar came from an official news outlets video posted by 34 Oras, and that said news will surely spread like wildfire in social media.

Watch the Video of VP Leni:

Netizens also joined the chorus in criticizing the Vice President as they shared their sentiments regarding the issue. 

Read Some of the Comments Posted:

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