Netizens Reacts on VP Leni's Thoughts on Build Build Build Infra Projects

Netizens took to social media as they reacted on the recent statement released by no less than the Vice President of the Philippines, VP Leni Robredo's thoughts on the huge success of the Build Build Build Project of the Duterte administration. 

In an interview with the media, VP Leni shared her opinions on the success of the country's major infrastructure projects through the Build Build Build Program. 

According to VP Leni there is no amount of success in beautiful edifices and infrastructure projects unless the income of the people remains stagnant, and for her there is still a huge number of people who are still poor. 

VP Leni was quoted as saying "Para sa akin, no amount of success-iyong magagandang edifice, magagandang mga infrastructure projects, iyong pagtaas ng income ng mamamayan, hindi siya sapat kung marami pa rin iyong naiiwan sa laylayan."

The statement of VP Leni regarding the success of the infrastructure program of the Duterte administration, which is for her is still not enough, caught the attentions of some netizens on social media who bombarded the Vice President with negative comments. 

Veteran blogger and Manila Bulletin writer could not control her emotions as she lets the netizens decides to what was VP Leni saying regarding the Build Build Build Project. 

Krizette Chu reacted by simply saying "OmG HINDI KO TALAGA KAYA"

Concerned netizen Jeniefer Guevarra-Dodd for her part claimed that she read the whole article trying to understand VP Leni's views but she could not believe how VP Leni assessed the projects. 

Read Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Jeniefer Dodd: I read the whole article trying to understand her views.Mga 2x. My Gahd...napaka-surface level ng assessment nya sa impact ng build3x. Much better to focus daw on simple livelihood projects and improve mass transportation system.Naku po sumbong kita kay Sec Art.

Di mo na macorrelate ano impact, di mo rin alam ano ginagawa at nangyayari sa bansa, check nyu po DoTR projects and accomplishments. No wonder you're becoming the most hated Presidential candidate.Dinaig mo pa si Isko at MP.

No Name:  See? She really has zero idea about nation building... typical stance of liberal party... she is demonizing infrastructure, even though philippines is already one of the least developed country in the world in terms of infrastructures...

She cannot recognize the importance on long term planning and long term benefits of public infrastructure is the greatest equalizer!

She really thinks government as charity institution... she will turn philippines into a welfare state where taxes are used to directly give out consumables... she shouldn't run for president... what she should do is start a charity program...

Rene Bondoc: Mananalo lang sila kung may dayaan. She knows she cannot win with their original platform that is why she is using the Duterte administration's program.

Amado Sim: Sa tagal ng nakaupo yung mga kakampi mo kung di lang pangsarili lahat ang inatupag sana konti na ang nasa laylayan ah siyanga pala bakit di mo itanong sa mga senatorial candidate mo na matatagal na sa gobyerno bakit sila lang ang yumamanv

Rafael Sepulchre: You haven’t proven yourself as a vp to champion the laylayan cause. You could have done a lot for them had you cooperated with the admin. Enough with the talk and walk the walk.

Dee Casullaa: That kind of image that she is trying to portray as the SAVIOR of the poor when her ilk and her likes are the ones benefiting and abusing those she calls "laylayan". Sabi nga ni Imelda, "hindi nila tutulungan ang mga mahihirap kasi un lang ang kaya nilang utuin kapag eleksyon."

Source: Krizette Chu 

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