Mark Lopez Burns Sen. Ping Lacson Who Tweeted That Each Filipinos' Debt Is Now P100K

Veteran blogger, prominent radio host and self-proclaimed Duterte defender on social media, Mark Lopez burned down Sen. Ping Lacson due to the senator's latest tweet that Filipinos are now in debt worth P100K each person under the administration of Pres. Rody Duterte. 

Sen. Ping Lacson who earlier express his intention to run for President with his running mate Senate Pres. Tito Sotto, made some controversial tweet regarding the country's debt, but the said tweet was labelled by Mark Lopez as a classic example of agitation propaganda. 

The former PNP chief and veteran lawmaker, Sen. Ping Lacson tweeted that "After the earthquake, I couldn't sleep thinking that our national debt has ballooned to P11.07T. Each one of us is now in debt by P100K. 2017-2019 our average annual gross borrowings was P1T, yet we failed to spend P331B on the annual average in the same period. Isn't it crazy. 

Due to the recent controversial statement of Sen. Ping Lacson, Mark Lopez refuted the senator's claimed as he noted that the tweet was lacking of context whose onlly purpose is to shock the public by making it appear that the country is already drowsing in debts. 

Mark Lopez called Sen. Ping's tweet a lie, while it is true that our national debt portfolio has increased, it is evident in our infrastructure projects which has become a priority by this Duterte administration because it has a lot of catching up to do with our Asian neighbors. 

The radio host explained further by borrowing the explanation provided by the Department of Finance, that like successful businesses, their debts grow because they saw an opportunity to grow their business bigger. 

One of the reasons why those companies needed those debts, because banks approach them offering financing because they see potential, knowing that these successful businesses have the ability to pay on time. 

The tweet of Lacson according to Lopez is akin to the older tweet asking for the vaccine, a classic fear-mongering tactic whose aim is to create misplaced public anger or rage against the government.

Lacson's tweet was also irresponsible according to Lopez, because it comes from an irresponsible politician and one of the contributers of turning the discourse muddy and chaotic. In other words, the tweet is a hoax out to fool the people, which can only be done by a politician who has zero concern for the welfare of the public. 

Read How Mark Lopez Burned Down Ping Lacson:

Peeps, eto ang isang classic example ng AGITPROP o AGITATION PROPAGANDA…

Itong tweet na ito is bereft of context, and ang sole purpose lang is gimbalin ang taumbayan at palabasin na super lubog na tayo sa utang.

Which is really not true at all. In a nutshell, while lumaki nga ang ating debt portfolio, makikita mo naman na tinumbasan ito ng naglalakihang infrastructure na ginawang priority ng Duterte Admin dahil na rin ANG PILIPINAS ay NAPAG IWANAN NA! 

Sabi nga sa isang simpleng paliwanag ng Department of Finance, gaya ng isang matagumpay na negosyo, lumalaki din ang utang nito dahil nakikita na ang opportunity para lalung mas umasenso. And mismo mga bangko ang lumalapit para mag alok ng financing dahil nga nakita nila ang potential, at alam nila na kahit pautangin ay kaya nito makabayad sa tamang oras.

Pero gaya nung isa nyang naunang tweet na “Nasan Ka Bakuna?” itong banat ni Ping Lacson ay isang pananakot lang at pampagulo, at ang tanging layunin ay mag create ng misplaced anger o rage ang taumbayan sa kasakalukuyang gobyerno.

Itong ganitong iresponsableng tweet ng isang ambisyosong politiko eh isa sa mga nag aambag sa kalituhan at kaguluhan sa diskurso, at ito ang ginagawang bala ng mga woke at ng mga disente para makapuntos against the admin.

In short, ito ay panloloko at panlilinlang sa taumbayan, na kaya lang gawin ng isang politiko na wala talagang malasakit sa ating kapakanan. 

This does not deserve our vote.

(Screenshot credit to Edwin Jamora)

Source: Mark Lopez FB Page

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