Mark Lopez Warns Sen. Manny Pacquiao on Plans to Buy Condo for Squatters

Veteran radio host and prominent blogger Mark Lopez made a unsolicited advice and stern warning to Senator Manny Pacquiao on his plans to buy condominium or subdivision for the poor and squatters once he will be elected as President of the country. 

According to Mark Lopez, the good senator from Mindanao was being misled by his advisers whom he dubbed as psychopaths. The statement of Lopez was his reactions to the controversial and now viral meme wherein the boxer turned legislator allegedly said he will end squating problem in the Philippines if he becomes the President. 

Sen. Manny Pacquiao allegedly stated that "Kung ako maging presidente 4-5 years wala kang makikitang squatter sa buong Pilipinas. Lahat magkakaroon ng sariling tahanan. Lalo na yang Metro Manila. Lahat ng squatter magkakaroon sila ng tahaan-condominium o subdivision. Wala silang babayaran kahit piso." Pacquiao stated. 

The veteran radio host and blogger Mark Lopez warned the senator that he is being misled by his advisers and sycopaths. He also remarked that being a President is not all about building houses for the poor and handing them keys to a newly-built houses. 

Lopez added that Pacquiao could do his plans right now, if he is truly that sincere because the senator don't need to be Presidet to accomplish his plans of giving away houses to squatters. 

The blogger suggested that the senator can start distibuting houses this early by buying subdivisions which he can surely afford. Better, he can ask the help of big-time financiers to the project, even friends from overseas. He does not need to work his ass off in the election campaign. 

Read the Complete Statement of Mark Lopez:

Dear Senator Pacquiao,

Once again, you are being misled by your advisers and sycophants.

Sir, if you want the Filipino people to own decent housing, and rid the country of squatters, being President does not equate to simply handing them out the keys to a newly built house in a subdivision.

Actually, if it is that simple, you don’t need to be President to accomplish that. 

In fact, you can do it NOW if you really, truly, are sincere. 

Puede ka na mamigay ng pabahay ngayon pa lang Pacman. Dami subdivision jan ngayon na kayang kaya mo bilhin, or puede ka pa nga mag invite ng mga financiers na big time na tutulong sa iyo, kahit yung mga nasa abroad. Yes, puede mo na gawin yan ngayon, at hindi mo na kailangan pa magpakahirap na magkampanya.

Yan eh kung talagang gusto mo. 

Manny Pacquiao ka naman na tanyag sa buong mundo, kaya maraming mapera jan na mag back up sa iyo. Baka nga maski si Floyd Mayweather eh sagutin ang isang subdivision para sa iyo. 

Again, yakang yaka mo yan.

Alam mo Sen MP, being president is more than just giving away houses and lots. 

Being president is making sure that every Filipino has the best opportunity to buy a house and lot on his own. 

And that means a lot of work in creating the opportunities. 

It means creating job opportunities.

It means creating better investment climate for the country to generate the jobs.

It means creating more infrastructure to attract more investments. 

It means creating policies and laws which would help stimulate the economy, like fine tuning existing laws on competition and preventing monopolies. 

Simplehan ko na lang Sir sa isang kasabihan na maiintindihan mo - 

Give the man a fish and you feed him for the day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 

Siguro naman yan, kuha mo kagad yan kahit hindi ka na kumunsulta kay Koko at Munsayac.

Huwag mo hayaan na gawin ka nilang TRAPO gaya ng style nila.

Again, pinapa ikutan ka lang ng mga yan…

Source: Mark Lopez FB Page

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