Radio Host Slams Critics of Chinese-Made Vaccines "Bawasan N'yo Na Ang Panggagago sa Taumbayan"

Veteran radio host and prominent blogger Mark Lopez slammed all the critics of the Duterte administration particularly those people who keeps on criticizing the Chinese-mad vaccines. 

During the past few days Dilawan supporters and critics of the Duterte administration are on a rampage making allegations that the Duterte administration is biased towards Chinese-made vaccines because the President is an alleged pet of China. 

The mainstream media also keeps on spreading news about the criticisms of the Chinese-made vaccines. Just this morning, News5 shared a meme quoting detained Sen. Leila de Lima wherein she insinuated the Duterte admin of preference to Chinese-made vaccines because of kickbacks. 

Sen. De Lima was quoted as saying "If Sinovac is good, how come no private companies or LGU's purchased it for their people? Even Davao City got AztraZeneca. Usapang kickvac na naman ba 'yan?"

Due to the bad press about the Sinovac vaccines from China, an apparently fed up Mark Lopez, took to Facebook and slammed the critics particularly those spreading disinformation and black propaganda campaign of the alleged "feeling entitled" wokes on social media. 

Mark Lopez enumerated four important points in response to the critics and the black propaganda being spread on both mainstream and social media. 

Read the Complete Statement of Mark Lopez:

Kayong mga mamaru na mga wokininams and feeling entitled pero wala naman alam, eto ilagay nyo sa inyong mga sabaw na kokote:

1. Buong mundo may requirement ng bakuna, hindi lang Pilipinas.

2. Kahit yung mga country of origin ng bakuna eh hindi kaya ma i serve ang buong populasyon, pero they are still going to allocate to other countries, of course best effort and whoever will enable them to maximize their ability to produce the vaccine.

3. Bawasan nyo na ang panggagago sa taumbayan dahil sa bitterness nyo. Ayan o, may mga established protocols and hindi basta basta ang pag acquire, contrary to your mistaken notion na ganun ganun lang...

4. Kung may utak kayo, gamitin nyo to learn of the nuances of each vaccine type plus the background of their manufacturer/supplier, their resepcrive governments and how they interact with other governments.

Pota kasi, ang gagaling nyo pumuna and kumuda, pero nahahalata lang na bandwagon emotion lang yang pinapakita nyo, and not because you are learned or were further educated.

Source: Mark Lopez FB Page

Radio Host Slams Critics of Chinese-Made Vaccines "Bawasan N'yo Na Ang Panggagago sa Taumbayan" Radio Host Slams Critics of Chinese-Made Vaccines "Bawasan N'yo Na Ang Panggagago sa Taumbayan" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on January 14, 2021 Rating: 5
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