Lawyer Slams Controversial VP Leni's "Iyong" Suggestions to Help Drivers

Veteran lawyer and prominent supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media, Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan reacted and slammed VP Leni's suggestions to make public utility jeepneys into some kind of service contracting so as not to sacrifice their daily earnings.

VP Leni Robredo was reacting to the latest announcement by the IATF that social distancing on public transport will be reduced from 1 meter to .75 meter and finaly to .50 meter.

According to Atty. Paglinawan there is something nice in VP Leni Robredo's statement on what to do with PUJ's in which she stated that there are other effective ways to solve the PUJ problems.

The lawyer even credited the Vice President for her actual solution to a problem which is considered as first time in her incumbency, as he mentioned about service contracting.

But the acting nicely made by the lawyer was just the start of the conversation and temporary as he changed gear and turned hostile.

Atty. Paglinawan asked VP Leni Robredo to correct him if he got her suggestion correctly by rephrasing her statement.

The veteran lawyer finally slammed the Vice President for her statement full of "IYONG" words which is common to the Vice President and netizens already noticed it even before the start of her incumbency.

Read the Complete Statement of Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan:

The only meaningful chunk of this person's statement, talking about what to do with jeepneys, is the part which says:
"...may ibang mas epektibong paraan."

And for the very first time in her incumbency, she actually gives a "solution" to the problem. About which she says:
"...gawin na lang sanang service contracting...."

Yehey! Excellent, Madame Vice President! Impressive statement.
Oh, but... wait....WHAT?

Your solution is to take jeepneys out of being a public utility; and turn them into private independent contractors? Is that what you mean?
Ok, ok, that is still good. Yeah, that's good.

Except that the moment you do that, jeepneys are taken out of government regulation. Which means:

1. The amount of diligence required of the jeepney operators and drivers in the operation of their jeepneys and in the conduct of human beings would now be lessened;
2. The safety of the riding public would now be completely in the hands of the drivers/operators who are not expected to be as extra careful as those of public utility transport;

3. Fares would now be fully within the discretion of the drivers/operators, which could rise so high and only the sky is the limit..
4. The jeepneys would now be competing with grab, angkas and such other ride hailing modes of transport.

Now, Manang, tell me again how this will help the jeepney drivers. How will this help the riding public?

How the fuck can this suggestion ever come from a Vice President of a country?

Iyong, iyong, iyong ka dyan. Tonto.


Lawyer Slams Controversial VP Leni's "Iyong" Suggestions to Help Drivers Lawyer Slams Controversial VP Leni's "Iyong" Suggestions to Help Drivers Reviewed by Phil Newsome on September 15, 2020 Rating: 5
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