Netizen Slams Sen. Hontiveros "Ilagay Nyo ang Babaeng Ito sa Check Point!"

A concerned netizen reacted to Sen. Risa Hontiveros earlier statement criticizing the move the copss who got involve in an altercation with a retired member of the Philippine Army in Quezon City. The statement of Hontiveros went viral on social media.

Last April 21, Corporal Winston Ragos lost his life after an encounter with the members of the Philippine National Police manning a check point. The 34-year-old Ragos was considered as a Marawi Hero, according to his relatives.

Due to the incident, the once silent Hontiveros, allegedly rode the issue, urging the Commission on Human Rights and the PNP to investigate the incident.

Sen. Hontiveros was quoted as saying "There is NEVER an excuse for brutality and violence, especially towards persons with mental illness and the powerless," Hontiveros stated.

The statement of the controversial senator, a close ally of the Dilawans, caught the attention of blogger Noel Landero Sarifa who slammed Hontiveros by saying that she should be put in a community quarantine checkpoint so she could understand the dangers of being a cop frontliner amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Sarifa suggested that Sen. Hontiveros should not given any self-defense weapon if ever that she agree to man the checkpoints.

Here's the Complte Statement of Noel Landero Sarifa:

Hontiveros said the Commission on Human Rights and the Philippine National Police should conduct the investigation into the incident in Quezon City.

Reports said a policeman shot dead a former soldier after supposedly refusing to follow quarantine rules. The man, who was reportedly mentally challenged, was shot after he allegedly tried to pull out a gun at the cop.

Ilagay nyo nga ang babaeng ito sa check point, paligiran nyo nga mentally challenged na mga street dwellers at wag nyong bigyan na kahit anong pangself defense. It is very easy for you to say when your life is not put in danger, let's literally put her in that situation and see if she would still have the same statement.

Bakit hindi mo tinawag ang CHR nung pinatay ang mga sundalo natin ng mga rebelde?

Netizens also reacted with the statement of Hontiveros, here are some of the comments posted on social media.

Mayflor Chua: May masabi lang, she has no playform whatsoever, she talks nonsense, sa susunod ma election please lang wag na iboto.

Marietta Avila The police have followed the SOP. The man did not comply with the order to stand down and disregarded the warnings of the police. When the man tried to hurriedly get something from his bag, the police made a judgement call for his own safety. People must realize that police are Law Enforcers and must cooperate with them at all times.

Joumi Benico: Meron namang video footage and thats totally enough to explain what happened, mentally challenged? bakit na checheck ba yun sa quarantine checkpoint bago sya bumunot ng baril? and guess what? yung kapatid nitong napatay was telling a whole lot different story eh merong video from the policemen naman .. naku! wag kasing magpapaniwala sana agad yung bereaved family na "kawawa" at all kapatid niyang napatay. She should see the vid footage para hindi agad i cling sa word na "kawawa naman yung kaptid ko walang kalaban2" keme.. no offense to the bereaved fam but you have to see it for yourself. Condolence to the family tho`

Carlos Justine: What do we expect from Hontiveros. She has pea-size brain. Hindi nga alam ang differences ng invasion and rebellion. Sino ba kasi bumoto dyan sa Senator na yan?

Elai Santos: Yan tlga role nya.. and she is being paid by the lefties to do that. Actually inaabangan nya tlga yan eh.. who knows framed din nila yan.

Douglas Luna: Haul this woman to the check point as a Vanguard of law, an implementor. So she may cease crowing. She must uphold the law, otherwise, she'll be hauled for violations if otherwise.

Einstein Dela Cruz: Bakit sa SAF 44 may nagawa ka bang imbestigasyon na malinaw. Imagine 44 fallen SAF itong kinukuda mo isang Retired na sundalo kamo magpapaimbestiga ka na as in pakita mo pa mukha mo na apektadong apektado ka na aakalain mo na kamag anak niya. Ikaw ang talagang virus ng mamayang pilipino na gustong manira ng kaisipan ng mamamayang pinoy eh wala ng naniniwala dyan.dahil magnanakaw ng pondo (Phil Health)ang ikinakaso sa kanya.

Source: Noel Landero Sarifa

Netizen Slams Sen. Hontiveros "Ilagay Nyo ang Babaeng Ito sa Check Point!" Netizen Slams Sen. Hontiveros "Ilagay Nyo ang Babaeng Ito sa Check Point!" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on April 24, 2020 Rating: 5
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