Netizen Reveals Possible Reasons Why Sen. Kiko Wanted VP Leni to be Dr*g Czar for 3 Years, Not 6 Months

A concerned netizen shared a plausible theory or possible reasons why Sen. Kiko Pangilinan wants VP Leni Robredo to be the country's dr*g czar for the remaining 3 years of the Duterte admin and not 6 months as suggested by the President.

Sen. Kiko Pangilinan reacted with the latest statement of President Rody Duterte offering VP Leni Robredo to handle his dr*g war for six months and prove to the Filipino people that she is capable of solving the problems and not just merely criticizing the program.

Sen. Pangilinan was quoted as saying "Bakit naman 6 months lang? Gawin na nilang three years... 3 years na nilang hawak ang law enforcement so dapat lang 3 years din ang ibigay na oras para fair!" Pangilinan stated.

The statement of the former Liberal Party President caught the attentions of numerous netizens, one of them is the FB Page "The Political Labandera" who claimed that this is not a surprised but typical of LP greed.

The Political Labandera remarked that the Dilawan or the Liberal Party from 1986 onwards have developed what she called superhuman powers of Greediness... for power... for money... for political control.

Labandera gave an example, when you offer a piece of cake, they want to eat not only the cake but your entire body as well like starving political cannibals and this is typical of the LP bigwigs.

The Political Labandera also explained the possible reasons why Sen. Kiko Pangilinan wanted 3 years and not six months, because 6 months is too short for the illegal dr*g traff!cker$ to allegedly recoup their financial losses these last three years.

Read the Complete Statement of the Political Labandera:

Dilawan or Liberal Party stalwarts (and their adopted politicians) from 1986 onwards have developed superhuman powers of GREEDINESS...for power...for money...for political control.

You offer LPs a piece of cake in your hand, but they'll want to eat your entire body like the starving political cannibals they are...and have the cake, too. Ganun ang mga nasa mga matataas na position sa Liberal. Hakog sila tanan!

And Dilawans like to make "sawsaw" too. Like Kiko Pangilinan here. The challenge wasn't offered to him, but he had the gall (read: KAPAL NG MUKHA) to actually negotiate length of term for this challenge. His move tells us that...Kiko is somewhat ENVIOUS of Leni Robredo's current position even if pareho naman silang naglalakihan ang mga mata na parang LUMULUWA na sa kanilang mga eye sockets. Both need to get their thyroids checked.

So, bakit ba humuhirit si Kiko ng 3 years instead of 6 months? Well, one plausible explanation is...for illegal drug traders/traffickers to recoup their massive financial losses these last 3 years. That's it.

BILLIONS of illegal revenues ang pinaguusapan dito. Hindi biro-biro kung mawalan ang kahit anong NEGOSYO ng billions, di ba? And the illegal drug trade is no different. 6 months cannot substantially recoup their losses...kaya...ayan...may humirit na (and we suspect them to be) "political beneficiaries" ng ILLEGAL kalakaran na 'to.

Need nila 3 years to get their ROIs. That's Return of Investments, folks. 3 years para mawala na ang lugi at the very least Or 3 years para mag break even man lang sila, di ba?

Sa LP kasi pera lang talaga ang nagpapaandar ng partido political nila. Pera na pangbayad nila sa LAHAT. Kung tingin nilang kayang bilhin, nagpapamudmud sila ng pera. And wala silang pake kung may kalidad or wala ang binibili nilang product. If it will satisfy their greed and selfishness, bibilin nila. Ganun ang mga Liberal sa Pilipinas. Galit sa pera pero love na love ang pera.

Now, back to Kiko, naturingan din namang abogado 'to eh! Dapat ang ginawa nyang press release muna kagabi was advice Leni to take PRRD'S challenge to prove her worth now or never. If it goes well, then DUN na siya or sila humirit ng time extension!

Unfortunately, halos lahat yata ng mga OPLOK na mga abogado ay nasa Kabilang Parlor. Ewan ko ba, may MAGNET nga yata sa mga ubod ng katangahan ang Liberal Party of the Philippines. Madami talaga sila dun! Ginawa na nilang pre- requisite ang kabobohan and pagka-SLOPPY sa Kabilang Parlor. Notice nyo? And they actually believe them projecting this...THIS image of being mentally-deficient in politics and governance makes them look "cool". Kabuang. Mga OPLOKS NGA!

Source: The Political Labandera

Netizen Reveals Possible Reasons Why Sen. Kiko Wanted VP Leni to be Dr*g Czar for 3 Years, Not 6 Months Netizen Reveals Possible Reasons Why Sen. Kiko Wanted VP Leni to be Dr*g Czar for 3 Years, Not 6 Months Reviewed by Phil Newsome on October 30, 2019 Rating: 5
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