Lawyer Lectures Lanie Insigne: "Binalewala? Teka, Madam. Hindi fair yan."

Veteran lawyer and prominent Duterte defender on social media, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles lectured the wife of the Captain of the ship that was allegedly rammed by a Chinese vessel and the victims assumed that the Duterte administration already abandoning them.

In an interview with the media, the captain's wife Lanie Insigne said that they're also supporters of the President. However, the current actions of the government on the issue of the West Philippine Sea disappointed them.

Insigne was quoted as saying "Siya ang binoto naming president. Hangang-hanga kami sa kanya kasi matapang siya, tapos parang binabalewala niya lang kami." Insigne told CNN Philippines.

The statement of Junel Insigne's wife, caught the attentions of Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles who lectured Insigne that they should not assume that the government already left them because the President even made some efforts to reach out to her husband, but they chose to decline it.

The Insigne family should not blame the President according to Atty. Trixie it's the decision of the Insigne family not to communicate with the government so they could receive some help and assurance that the Duterte admin is on the side of the Filipno.

The Insigne Family's assumption that the government already left them, even if the President made some efforts to reach out to Junel Insigne, they chose to decline the offer of a meeting.

Angeles also insisted that the government is not yet done on doing their best to solve the recent issue, pointing out to Insigne that she must listen accurately to the President’s statements about the upcoming investigation on the hit and run incident.

Read the Complete Statement of Atty. Trixie:

Binalewala? Teka, Madame. Hindi fair yan.

Una, inimbitahan ang mister ninyo na makipagusap sa pangulo. Pwedeng pwede siyang daingan. Pwedeng ibigay ni mister ang storya niya, ang side nya, yung naranasan niya.

Hindi ninyo pinapunta yung asawa ninyo, madame. That is on you. Huwag mag expect ng himala. Kayo po ang tumanggi ng pagkakataong marinig ang buong storya ng asawa ninyo.

Pangalawa, dinkta ba sa inyo yung statement ninyo? Kasi kung tunay na nakinig kayo sa pangulo, maririnig ninyo yung bahagi nag talunpating nagsasabing, iimbestigahan pa muna.

Wala pang tapos, Madame. Maliban lang sa pagsasara ng isip ninyo.

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Lawyer Lectures Lanie Insigne: "Binalewala? Teka, Madam. Hindi fair yan." Lawyer Lectures Lanie Insigne: "Binalewala? Teka, Madam. Hindi fair yan." Reviewed by Phil Newsome on June 19, 2019 Rating: 5
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