Netizens Slams VP Leni for Her Plans to Sue Blogger in Viral Federalism Video

Netizens took to social media and slammed Vice President Leni Robredo for announcing during an interview with CNN Philippines that her camp is planning to sue Drew Olivar, the blogger in the viral Federalism Video.

Blogger Drew Olivar made headlines earlier because of the controversial Federalism Video with PCOO Asec Mocha Uson, which became the hottest topic not only on social media but also by the mainstream media successfully overtaking in popularity the main topic about the alleged election cheating during the 2016 national elections.

According to the camp of VP Leni Robredo they are planning to file charges against Olivar in connection with another controversial video posted by the blogger last 2017 attacking VP Leni who was visiting South Africa during that period.

Although the Office of the Vice President already released their side on the reasons why they will sue Olivar, netizens thinks otherwise because they suspected that the announcement of VP Leni to file charges against Olivar will surely divert the issue of election cheating and other more important topics of the day because the said incident between VP Leni and Olivar happened last year.

Concerned netizen Mira Savaria Encabo asked VP Leni on what charges against Olivar they will filed, and even asked the Vice President why she did not sue herself for election fraud and also encourage her to file charges against PNoy for the SAF44 Massacre and the Dengvaxia scandal.

Here'the Statement of Mira Encabo:

On what charges? As if naman, Robredo is defending Federalism!

Why not sue yourself for the May 2016 election fraud Madam Fake VP?

Why not file charges against PNoy for the SAF44 Massacre and PNoy again with Garin for the Dengvaxia scandal???

Netizens were also giving their own two cents on the said topic that VP Leni's camp will file charges against Drew Olivar as one of them noted that it is indeed clear that VP Leni's camp wants to keep the eyes of the public in her, and not on the election fraud and revealed that Atty. Chong is indeed a threat thereby making divertionary tactics.

Here's Some of the Most Notable Comments Against VP Leni:

Renan Santos: Bobo talaga si leni anong kaso? Sila dapat makasuhan utak dilaw sila lang ang pwedeng lumabag sa batas parang si drilon silang daw pwedeng mang insulto.

Chochi J. Quizo: Wehhhhh....tlagang bang backlash dahil sa video na yan...yung backlash ng mga tao tungkol sa dayaan noong halalan...ano msasabi nyo?.

Nelson Avila: Propaganda works from Robredo camp! And the paid media is working overtime! Signs of the times. LP is desperately covering up the comelec-smartmatic mess in whatever ways and means it could.

Chona Documento Cuizon: Instead of focusing on programs and projects to help the less privileged sector of the country, sa ibang activity ang binigyan pansin... Sooo irrelevant to her position. Naki ride on Mocha U son's fame! Lampang VP!

Source: Facebook / CNN Philippines

Netizens Slams VP Leni for Her Plans to Sue Blogger in Viral Federalism Video Netizens Slams VP Leni for Her Plans to Sue Blogger in Viral Federalism Video Reviewed by Phil Newsome on August 08, 2018 Rating: 5
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