CJ Sereno Allegedly Paid P12 Million to IT Consultant Helen Macaset in 5 Years

A startling discoveries was uncovered by the Committee on Justice during the resumption of hearing on the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno at the House of Representatives. CJ Sereno allegedly paid a whooping P12 million to IT consultant Helen Macasaet in 5 years.

The high tribunal purportedly paid roughly about P2.4 million a year or P200,000 a month, to its IT consultant Helen Macasaet.

Based upon the question raised by Deputy Speaker Ferdinand Hernandez he wanted to know from Supreme Court officials the "real extent" of Macasaet's work in improving the IT network of not just the SC, but the entire judiciary as well, demanding that "monthly assessment reports" be given to the committee.

The committee also noted that they need documents that would show the IT consultant's "accomplishments" working at the Supreme Court under the approval of CJ Sereno.

According to Rep. Villanueva, Macasaet was initially given P100,000 monthly fee working for the Supreme Court, that was later upgraded to P250,000 which the Supreme Court did not sanction but ended up in a "negotiated procurement," where the "main criteria was the trust and confidence of the procuring agency" or end-user, who was CJ Sereno.

The revelations of Rep. Villanueva also noted that the BAC, considered two other names for the position but the name of Helen Macasaet was supplied by the Office of the Chief Justice, which is the procuring office along with the Management Information Office (MISO).

Helen Macasaet worked with the Supreme Court from 2013 to 2017 but the BAC only considered the October 2013 and May 2014 contracts, but subsequent renewals were done by Sereno's office.

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Villanueva also revealed that Macasaet's consultancy contract was renewed six times, each time for P1.5 million, or a total of P9 million, aside from the other payments were also made to the IT consultant.

Cebu Congresswoman, Rep. Gwen Garcia also noted that Villanueva's testimony belied the claims of CJ Sereno that Macasaet's contract was endorsed and approved by the 15-man SC, since the hiring has always been done solely by the office of the chief magistrate.

Source: PNA

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