Before the World Was Against Singapore's Drug Policy. If Singapore Listened to the World, There Wouldn't Be Any Singapore Now.

A viral video is currently circulating online showing evidence how Singapore ends or at least solved the rampant drug problems. Before the world as against Singapore's drug policy. If Singapore listened to the world, there wouldn't be any Singapore now.

The viral video which was taken during the year 2016 showcase Singapore's war on drugs, it tells the story on how they did not listened to the world's clamor but instead proceed with their own ways of eradicating the drug problem in the country.

Watch The Viral Video on How Singapore Defy the World Criticizing their War on Drugs:

The video message of Singapore was delivered by K. Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs Minister of Law Singapore, in front of the UN General Assembly in New York last April 20, 2016.

According to Shanmugan, in Singapore they want the rights to decide from themselves that anyone can safely anywhere. The Singapore representative noted that they achieved such peat due to the fact that they have fought a successful battle against drugs.

Singapore also stated that they might change their position on their war on drugs provided that people can show them based on evidence that drugs are good for the persons taking or at least neutral.

They also wanted proof that the crime situation will not get worse and that the rest of the society will not pay the price for it.

If Singapore really listened to the clamor of the world and the critics from various Western countries on how they handle their drugs problem, there couldn't be a peaceful Singapore right now.

Here's Some of the Reactons from Netizens After Watching the Viral Video:

Raven Hendrix Lee Kuan Yew was also heavily criticized by UN, Human Rights Watch. etc.. but he ddnt listen to them, what he said is, Asian countries doesnt have to follow western policies and cultures because every country has its own problem and cultures, We Asians have to make our own policies that really fits the magnitude of our own problem and cultures. Now look what Lee Kuan Yew did to singapore, One of the best and most Progressive countries in the world.

Nancy Wee Yes, we Singaporeans are very grateful for Lee Kuan Yew's legacy of strong stance against drugs, corruption and crimes. We are very very grateful for Lee Kuan Yew's tough love then. Without it, Singapore would not have become one of the top 5 richest nations in the world and one of the safest. When he passed away, people willingly lined up for 10 hours just to say goodbye and salute him at his wake. Literally everybody were in tears. Many even kneeled down as a sign of deep respect for what he had done for the nation. We rally behind our present leaders to uphold his legacies. We don't go around disparaging our country. We may have disagreements here and there but we never fail to unite behind our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. C'mon, Philippines! Rally behind President Digong now! Don't allow the bad guys destroy the good work that Duterte has begun. Philippines should support President Digong, not tear him down.

Rose Marie tama sir sinabi mo we have the Law of our country dapat sundin ni Callamard at ng LP hindi nila may ari Pilipinas nag hari harian ang mga Demonyo LP dapat mga kabayan hindi natin i tolerate mga gawain hindi tama at hindi pagsunod sa batas mga Ganid at Sarili Interes lang ang mga ginagawa nag HARI HARIAN mga LP nayan kailan ba tanggalin pangalan NAIA don sa airport nakakasuka naha kada uwi ko nandon parin at yong 500 mukha ng mga NANAY AT TATAY nya traydor ng PILIPINAS sana matanggal nayan dahil hindi sila Hero ng bansa Pilipinas

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Before the World Was Against Singapore's Drug Policy. If Singapore Listened to the World, There Wouldn't Be Any Singapore Now. Before the World Was Against Singapore's Drug Policy. If Singapore Listened to the World, There Wouldn't Be Any Singapore Now. Reviewed by Phil Newsome on 5/09/2017 Rating: 5

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