Pres. Duterte's First SONA Sample Reaction Paper & How to Prepare

The first President from Mindanao, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte delivered his first-ever State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, July 25, 2016. Most High School and College students were given assignments to submit their Reaction Paper with regards to the delivered SONA of Pres. Duterte.

In order to help our dear readers who were mostly students, we are preparing a Sample Reaction Paper which will guide our students on their preparations with their own version.

Here's How to Prepare Your Reaction Paper and How to Prepare:

The State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Rodrigo Duterte started at around 4:07 PM (PST) and concluded after one hour and 32 minutes.

President Rodrigo Duterte open his first-ever State of the Nation Address (SONA) by acknowledging the former Presidents of the Republic, the members of the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive branch of government as well as members of the diplomatic corps.

Main Topics for Discussion:

No More Fingerpointing:
The 71-year-old former Mayor of Davao City and now the 13th President of the Republic open his first-ever SONA by strongly stating his policy that there will be no "finger-pointing" under his administration.

"We cannot move forward if we allow the past to pull us back. Fingerpointing is not the way. That is why I will not waste precious time dwelling on the sins of the past."

Duterte: No separation between Church and State
"Let me assure you that while I'm a stickler for the principle of separation between church and state, I believe there should never be a separation between God and state."

Duterte Vows to Continue Fight against Drugs
"Double your efforts, triple them if need be. We will not stop until the last drug lord, the last financier, and the last pusher have surrendered or [been] put behind bars or below the ground."

Duterte: Human Rights Can't be used as excuse: "My administration shall implement a human approach to development and governance, as we improve people's welfare... Human rights must work to uplift human dignity, but human rights cannot be used as an excuse to destroy our country."

Duterte: We strongly affirm Hague Ruling
"With regard to the West Philippine Sea, we strongly affirm and respect the outcome of the case before the Permanent Court of Arbitration as an important contribution to the ongoing efforts to pursue a peaceful resolution and management of our dispute."

Duterte: All of us wants Peace
"Enduring peace can only be attained if we meet the fundamental needs of every man, woman, and child. To our Muslim brothers... and the members of the CPP-NPA-NDF, let me say this: All of us want peace. Not the peace of the dead, but the peace of the living. We express our willingness and readiness to go to the negotiating table, and yet we load our guns... pull the trigger. It is both ironic and tragic and it is endless."

Duterte Announces Ceasefire with Communist Rebels
"I am now announcing a unilateral ceasefire with the CPP-NPA-NDF, effective immediately."

Duterte promises Lower Taxes
"My administration will pursue tax reforms towards a simpler, more equitable tax system... We will lower personal and corporate income tax rates."

Duterte on Agriculture
"We should also conduct a nationwide soil analysis to determine areas most suitable for rice farming." "We shall strictly enforce fisheries laws... and promote aquaculture."

Duterte on Infrastructure
"We will accelerate infrastructure spending, improve roads and bridges." Regarding the flood control problem in Metro Manila, he also says, "We shall put up new pumping stations in strategic places."

Duterte vows Rail Projects in Metro Manila
"We shall also pursue rail projects in Metro Manila,"

Duterte wants People's Broadcasting Corporation
President Rodrigo Duterte seeks a law to create the People's Broadcasting Corporation to replace state-run People's Television Network. He wants this modeled after the BBC.

Duterte says Government rejects violence against Media
"This government does not condone violence and repression of media," President Rodrigo Duterte says. "The bona fide media has always been our partner for change."

Duterte: Pass BBL minus Constitutional Issue
"Pass it minutes the constitutional issues that are contentious," President Rodrigo Duterte says of the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

Duterte: Free Wi-Fi in certain Public Places
"Wi-Fi access shall be provided at no charge in selected public places including parks, plazas, public libraries, schools, government hospitals, rail stations, airports, and sea ports. O diba? Happy lahat."

Duterte: This admin will protect Women's Rights
"This administration vows to protect women's rights and human rights abuses against our women because it is unacceptable na mambugbog ka ng babae."

Duterte: Let us not Hate each other too much
"If we can't as yet love one another, then in God's name, let us not hate each other too much."

Prepared by Phil Newsome: founder of

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